Let Me Be the Milli to Your Vanilli

But, ya know, in a socially acceptable way


Think you've got some writing chops? You probably do! Send me your posts and I'll give them a once-over for spelling, grammar, and general HubSpotty, lead-getting abilities. 


Is your idea of writing adding captions to your snaps? Oh, hi, hello! I'd love to help. Send me your buyer persona, an overview of your business, and a few ideas for blog content. 

I have experience doing research on and quickly adapting to voices and audiences I'm not familiar with. I can create your three required blog posts — fast. They'll be edited, quality posts that speak to your audience, impress your judges, and, most importantly, give you more time to focus on other areas of your presentation

The last thing you want to be worrying about when you're going through New Hire Training is the content part of the project. Meg took my persona and content ideas, and created some really tailored, targeted copy that really flowed with my website and spoke to my audience! 

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

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