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Hubspot Writer started as Meg's HubSpot New Hire Project. She heard time after time how tough it was for the rest of her new hire class to produce the blog posts necessary to accompany their finished project. 

She thought, "If they're coming up with the concepts and putting in the legwork on the strategy side, it's easy for me to come in at the eleventh hour and write or edit the actual copy. 

The results freed up extra time for her new hire colleagues to fine tune their projects and focus on the important technical aspects of understanding Inbound Marketing and the HubSpot tool.

Hubspot Writer

Meg P

Staff Writer

Meg is a Senior Staff Writer at HubSpot. She has seven years experience as a marketer, copywriter, and content strategist, and she specializes in understanding buyer personas and what motivates your audience every day. 

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HubSpot Writer produced the quality content I needed, right when I needed it. Meg took a little bit of stress out of a pretty stressful four week process!

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